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The ARThletes Project 敢動藝術 2021
Arts x Sports【運動 x 藝術】

Organised by Culture Action, The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, and Art Next.
文化躍動 x 港協暨奧委會 x 新藝潮

軌跡 Trail I & 軌跡 Trail II, 2021
80cm x 60cm
Acrylic on canvas

Collaborative project between Hong Kong artists and athletes to celebrate art, sports and the Olympic. The artworks were exhibited at the Sun Museum and West Kowloon Freespace. The stories and journeys of the artists and athletes were also documented into a book which was published and presented at the Hong Kong Book Fair.


The artworks created by artist Sharmaine Kwan is based on the theme of martial arts where she captured the essence, energy and motion into her work. LED lights were attached to the blades of a pair of double broadswords and by performing a series of martial arts movements, the motion was captured using light photography painting and then simplified and refined into an acrylic painting.

The first piece with the red and blue lines depict the outer dynamism of martial arts where it is a combination of yin and yang, fast and slow, power and flexibility, to show its vibrant energy and rhythm. On the other hand, the second piece with the white lines and spherical form portrays the inner side of martial arts symbolising the elements of qi, inner peace, mindfulness and respect. The pair of works titled as 'Trail' conveys the long cultural history of martial arts and how it will continue to glow brightly into the future.

本作品以中國武術為題材。透過在刀尖上和拳腳上貼上LED燈, 耍出功夫招式,運用光繪畫攝影技巧,將拳腳和刀轉化成畫筆,捕捉行雲流水的動作,築構成流暢的線條,把武術轉化為立體空間的繪畫,簡化畫中的元素,突顯明朗的線條, 引發觀賞者的共鳴。




Exhibited at:

 'The ARThletes', West Kowloon Freespace, Hong Kong

April 12th 2021

'Sports in Hong Kong Art' Exhibition
Date: 23rd July - 25th September 2021
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Sun Museum, 4/F SML Tower, 165 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

地點:一新美術館 觀塘海濱道165號SML大廈樓

ARThletes Book Seminar and Sharing Session at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Date: Sunday 18th July 2021
Venue: Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre Room S226

1) The Commercial Press 商務印書館 (Booth: 1D-D12)
2) 大華文化出版社 (Booth: 1C-A27)

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