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'Hi-Light Alley'
Neon Light Installations at Artlane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Henderson Land Development
(藝里坊 霓虹燈裝置 - 恒基地產發展, 西營盤忠正街)

Artlane - Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

Chung Ching Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (MTR Exit B3)

Daily from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

藝里坊 - 恒基兆業地產有限公司

西營盤忠正街 (西營盤地鐵站B3出口)


Art commission by Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. for Hong Kong artist Sharmaine Kwan to create installation art in her signature neon style based on the theme of Soho for Artlane.


The visual symbolism of neon has long been a significant part of Hong Kong's culture. By transforming everyday objects from the streets into a neon aesthetic, the work highlights the casual and overlooked side of the vibrant lifestyle within the district of Soho where it is full of energy and comes to life at night. The neon glow gives off a unique iconic ambiance to its surroundings which enhances its chic, urban, and stylish attraction. Scaled to life size, they also have their own presence and element of interaction. Like traditional neon signs, the 'Artlane' sign serves to name the place where it will become the heart of the area and an artistic Soho of its own...

ARTLANE is Hong Kong's first URBAN ART SOHO community that is revitalized with murals by Henderson Land where different spaces in the community, such as walls, streets and even the stairs are transformed into canvases.

藝術家關舒文把生活中常見的物件轉化成霓虹燈裝飾,裝置於夜色之中更為生動、充滿活力,突出了SOHO區被忽視的多姿多采面貌。作品以真實比例創作,各自帶有獨特的互動元素。仿照傳統霓虹燈牌製作的「Artlane」標誌,屬點題之作。Sharmaine Kwan - 香港藝術家及作家,對城市及其文化有濃烈興趣,善於結合傳統及數碼媒體創作藝術,而其作品跨越多種媒介,包括裝置藝術、新媒體、雕塑、影像及互動藝術等。

恒基兆業地產將港島西新與舊、中與西、藝術與生活完美揉合,銳意改變西營盤區內面貌,誠邀本地及國際知名藝術家,以不同創意、筆觸及風格,以整個小區戶外牆身、街道甚至梯級等空間作畫布,創作大型壁畫,以Urban Art打造全港首個以壁畫活化都市的藝文蘇豪小區──「ARTLANE 藝里坊」。

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