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Digital Art Fair Asia 2021
59 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong
Neon Light Installation

'The Future is Bright'

Hong Kong artist, Sharmaine Kwan's neon light installation at Digital Art Fair Asia 2021 in Hong Kong. The neon light installation and ambient lighting around the Pioneer Zone explores the future of art and technology. 'The Future is Bright' neon sign is inspired by the Chinese saying 如日方升 meaning that the sun has just risen and a bright beginning has just begun. The light rays and circular form also refers to a tunnel and a wheel transporting viewers to the future. Next to it is a neon sign that says '光前啟後' suggesting that this light and brightness will inspire those that come after leading to a new change. Other neon signs 'NFT' and 'Just Mint It' embraces the new digital era of art and technology. Other immersive lighting around the Pioneer Zone and the tunnel lights further transports the audience into the bright future.


The Future Is Bright
183cm x 119cm

Just Mint It
155cm x 93cm

45cm x 165cm

55cm x 55cm

NFT artwork 'Neon Hong Kong' created for DAFA was also sold and collected. 

About Digital Art Fair Asia

Digital Art Fair Asia is the first-ever physical and virtual art fair in Hong Kong featuring a 360° immersive art experience and world-class NFT digital art. DAFA greets the new generation of art collectors with a brand-new genre of art using cutting-edge technologies including immersive experiences, Blockchain NFTs and Augmented Reality experiences.  

亞洲首個大型 ART TECH 體驗展 DIGITAL ART FAIR ASIA 是亞洲首個專注於新媒體藝術、NFT 加密藝術和沉浸式藝術的大型實體藝術展覽。藝術愛好者將可在這裡看到來自世界各地著名藝術家所創作的當代數碼藝術作品。我們使用各種最新的科技包括沉浸式藝術,擴增實境(AR),虛擬實境(VR),區塊鏈技術

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