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YouTube NFT Art Commission
Collaboration with YouTube for their End of Year Creator's NFT Gifting project for their top 1500 YouTubers.

"On Being a Creator" is a limited edition YouTube art collection representing the experience of being a creator. The collection of work was created in partnership with YouTube by five artists around the world. The pieces were further personalized for each recipient using an algorithm to make design variations based on their YouTube channel name resulting in a unique NFT both digitally and physically available in a frame. Top YouTubers who received the NFT include Mr & Mrs Gao (老高與小茉), Footdocdana (Dr. Dana Brems), Diva Depressao, Flakes Power (Joao Sampaio), Korea Grandma, Acooknamedmatt (Matt Broussard), Dinatokio, Edho Zell, Simsaimdang, Sara Wijayanto, Manonbrilcuah (Manon Bril), Lipaogamer (Felipe Viktor), Thomas Söpper, Molly Burke etc. 

Let's Glow, 2021 

Sharmaine Kwan | Hong Kong


Creators light up the world. My work uses elements of neon light to showcase the connection we have to each other, while highlighting that each individual is special and unique in their own way. As we enter a fast-moving digital era and a new beginning, I hope to inspire creators and those around me to create and glow brighter than ever.

Digital Art Fair Asia 2021
59 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong
Neon Light Installation

'The Future is Bright'

Neon Sign Installations at the Wanchai Promenade, Hong Kong
Commissioned by Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong Development Bureau)
(香港灣仔海濱花園 - 霓虹燈裝置)